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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ovaltine Flavored Coffee?!

Sorry about not posting yesterday. I fell asleep while watching a movie and didn't set the alarm clock so when I woke up I had 30 minutes to shower and eat something before going to work. So what do I do? I quickly grab coffee, put some in the coffee maker and ran upstairs to take a very quick shower. I came downstairs and I immediately knew something was wrong because I have Hazelnut Coffee which smells really great as soon as it starts percolating.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I put Ovaltine in my coffee maker! But hey! Can you blame me? I mean, look at the two cans?

My evening went much better, though. When my mom was here, she bought my older son a game of "Deal or no Deal" which is like a card deck where you cover the cards with the amounts with another card that looks like a suitcase and you play the game.

We had a great time!!! I was the contestant while my daughter was the one who would "open the suitcase" (turn the card over) while my oldest son was "Howie" the host. Then, my little buddy was the banker. The host would "walkie talkie" the banker who would, in turn, "walkie talkie" the host with the amount he offered me! It was hilarious, crazy, and a LOT of fun!


Fonzi said...

Very interesting .Thanks

HMBT said...

Goodness Ovaltine in the coffee maker...that card game sounds like too much fun...I'm going to have to try it with my boys!

Rebecca said...

The Deal or N Deal sounds like ya'll had fun.

Bummer about the ovaltine...but then again I am not a coffee fan!!!

Diesel said...

At least you didn't give little buddy milk with coffee grounds in it. Or did you?

Pavel said...

Fonzi: You're welcome! Thank for visiting. I did stop by your blog and it was great to see all those picures of your beautiful country.

"Me gusta mucho tu blog."

hmbt: You won't regret it! It was a lot of fun.

Rebecca: No coffee!?!?!

Diesel: Well, he "did" say the milk tasted a little weird. Come to think about it, he was unusually hyper for the rest of the day. Hm...

Doggy Mama said...

Hi there - I came over here through Chrissy.

I've never had Ovaltine! I'm a Hershey's girl... but I have, of course, heard the commercials. "More Ovaltine, please!"

I can imagine Ovaltine and coffee beans don't have the same effect when put through the coffee maker, though.

Chrissy121875 said...

Tee hee! That was cute, Pavel. I'm sure we all have moments like that. Heck, the other day, I wanted to put the ice trays back in the freezer but ended up putting them in the microwave! Luckily, hubby wasn't home to witness that ;) Otherwise, he'd make fun of me for being absentminded :) LOL!

Pavel said...

Doggy Mama: Nice to meet ya! I never did have the Hershey's stuff. I wonder if it taste better? Maybe I'll be brave one day and try it, as long as I don't use it to make coffee!

Chrissy: I've read you blog. That super hubby of yours will never make fun of you!