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Thursday, May 31, 2007


or "Birthday presents for the geek in your life"


I found a place that sells Geek T Shirts. I particularly like this one:

Of course, the one I really REALLY liked was this one:

Then there are t shirts for folks who just like to Blog:

Not that I'm mentioning any names, but there are some people who would probably love to own this one, considering how they blog about blogging. At least he's aware of the problem and that's the first step to recovery.

Did I mention my birthday is coming up?

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Rough Couple of Weeks...

Sorry I haven't been around anywhere in the blogosphere lately, folks. I've missed all of you; your insightful, funny, crazy posts and funny caption contests like you wouldn't believe.

What happened? Well, unfortunately I can't go into detail but I can say that it has to do with my upcoming divorce. It took a terrible turn for the worse about 15 days ago and a few days ago it took another turn, but for the MUCH better. Until a few days ago, I was too upset to think about much and wouldn't have been able to compose a blog entry if my life depended on it.

Things are much better now and hopefully, when all is said and done, I'll be able to share with you the experience.

Now I'm off to visit you guys!

Oh, I almost forgot! You all know how much I love my kids and how I think the world of them. I'm not baised or anything (well, maybe a little) but I happen to think they're very talented and intelligent. Well, I started looking around on Youtube for other talented and intelligent little people out there and WOW!!!

This first one is only 4 years old!

What do they look like just a little bit older? This little guy is 12:

Check out this 9 year pianist:

Saturday, May 5, 2007

So what do you think of Windows Vista?.

Who has been using it for a while? Do you like it?

I confess that I don't have it on any of my machines, but I do have to sit in front of Vista boxes pretty regularly since I get MANY calls from friends who need some help with it.

Overall, I like Vista. It's visually very appealing and it has many features that people will find useful, as soon as they can find them. That's my problem with it right now, and it's mostly an education problem. I don't know where everything is RIGHT AWAY and I'm used to XP where I know where almost everything is and I know of a number of ways how to get there. Now I'm looking around; where is the printer menu? Heck, where's the Device Manager?

I'll get used to it soon enough, I'm sure.

Here's a screen shot of a very interesting and priceless Vista error message:

So is this a good thing or a bad thing? Hmm.....