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Saturday, February 3, 2007

To Be or Not To Be?

I've chosen to continue being a Blogger.

Hello everybody! Yes, it's me again and I had a choice to continue blogging or not and I've chosen to continue. It probably makes no sense that I discontinued my last blog, just to start again, but there were good, legitimate (and legal) reasons.

So how is this blog going to be any different than my last one? Well, I have to make it slightly less personal. Well, actually, it's a little more than slightly since what I need to do less of is talk about the most important thing in my life: my children. I hope everyone will understand.

But this NEW blog is about new beginnings so I'm not going to dwell on anything but New Beginnings. I will continue the tradition of finding new, exciting, or interesting things that will hopefully do a number of things: brighten your day, cheer you up, reflect on stuff, etc... I'm hoping to make it more personal somehow, though I'm not sure how yet.

Let's get it started!

What would you get if you were to clone six Bobby McFerrins and have them all sing together?

You would get this:

I love showcasing talent and this is absolutely amazing. This is a group called "Vocal Sampling." Have you heard of them? They are an acappela group comprised of six Cuban guys who play all kinds of music, making the sounds of an entire band or orchestra, a la Bobby McFerrin! They are astoundingly talented!

Here's their rendition of "Hotel California" and if you close your eyes, you'll hear guitars, durms, synths, etc...

Check out this "vocal" drum solo!

Makes my mouth tired just hearing it! You really ought to go out and buy their cd! Watching the live YouTube feed shows how amazing they are, but it doesn't do them justice until you hear a cd recording of them. Until you do, however, do yourself a favor and go to youtube and watch them do their thing because there are tons of clips of them.

So there's my first post in my new blog. Wow! That was actually exciting... Please help me a little by reminding me of who I need to put in my link list that was there before, or heck, let me know me of any cool new places while you're at it.

Oh, If anybody asks where I am, could you let 'em know? Thanks!


Amber said...

Woot, first comment on your new blog. Pinky is going to be SOOOO happy to know you are back.

Love the new gravatar too...beautiful!

Does this mean that I can add you too my featured bloggerz list? Huh, huh, can I?!

Yay for Pavel...probably! ;)

Amber said...

Oh, and thanks for sharing these videos...they guys are amazing!! :)

Pinky said...

YAY!!! I am excited!! I was so freaking sad! I seriously had a small breakdown about you leaving, but I understand how that goes.

HUGS and HUGS! and HUGS! and HUGS!!!

Rebecca said...

Just dropping by from Pinky's place.

Cool video's.

Pavel said...

Amber: Hi there! Yes, you were the first and because of it, you have won a trip to Tennessee to Dollywood! Come on up and bring Pinky with you, will ya?

You like my tree? Thanks. You are an artist and if you think it's beautiful, it is... As for being featured, I'm honored. If you think people will find my blog interesting, cool!

Pinky: You DO know you alway play a factor in my blogging, do you? Sorry about not sending you an email with the reasons and everything; I was pressed for time. (When are we NOT all pressed for time, huh?)

I am sorry, though. You're my blogger buddy and friend and I should have given you a heads up.

Rebecca: Hi Rebecca. So nice to meet you. Any friend of Pinky has to be cool, you know.
You like good talent and especially good singing? Those guys are something, aren't they? I ran a got their cd and they're amazing live, on cd, etc... I have a feeling they're impressive singing Mary Had a Little Lamb!

Thanks for swinging by....

Amber said...

Alright, I will be adding you to my featured list shortly. Thanks!

Shoot me an email so I can ask you some questions. :)