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Friday, February 9, 2007

Sometimes little guys have to stand up for themselves!

When you're small in size, sometimes people pick on you and it seems safer to just hide or play it safe:

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But sometimes you have to take a stand, though, and stand up for yourself!

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What's this all about, you ask? My youngest child, whom I usually refer to as my little man, is six years old but he's rather small in size. He disarms people by talking with such a varied vocabulary and very complete sentences because he looks like he's four years old. Cute kid, really. But smallness sometimes means people will try to pick on you or take advantage of you, and he has experienced this before.

Yesterday, my little man and I were playing Lego Star Wars on the Playstation when he says to me, "Dad, do you know why Yoda is my favorite character in Star Wars?" I asked why and he said, "because Yoda is smaller than me and yet he is the Best Master Yedi and can defend himself."

My heart broke for him at the thought of what he goes through because of his size. I remember childhood being a pretty tough time; people make fun of you, you have to try to be cool, lots of peer pressure, etc... But I wasn't small in size.

"I also like Yoda the best, buddy", I said. "And you know what? Being small has its advantages. You can go places where big people can't go and you hardly ever get hit on the head if someone leaves the kitchen cabinets opened."

He giggled and said, "watch out, Dad! There's some storm troopers coming!"

People, be nice to my little buddy. Eventually he'll become a Jedi Master and you'll wish he was your friend.


Amber said...

What a wonderful post. Your little Man sounds very intelligent for his age. That's fantastic!

And don't get me started on Star Wars Lego! I think that is so cool that you play that with them.

My BF was tiny in school too and was picked on he's 6 foot 2 and weighs over 200! And it all happened in about one year...lots of growing pains associated!

Chrissy121875 said...

Awwwww! That is so sweet! Your little guy sounds positively precious! :)

Pinky said...

You are completely and totally amazing. Being a kid is tough and I just know your little man will be a Jedi Master one day! You're the best teacher he's got!! HUGS and thanks for being such a wonderful parent.


HMBT said...

What a great story! Little man is very lucky to have a great father like you. I have three sons...not one of them are small...actually people are always doing the oposite to them... expecting more from them because they look 3 years older than they are because they are all so tall. The same thing happens to them...size isn't important, it's the size of the person inside that counts. Great post! My men like the Star Wars Lego game too...all though I am all thumbs when it comes to playing it! :)

Diesel said...

I hear you, man. I've got a thoughtful little man myself, and while he's going to have a rough time for a while, I have no doubt he's going to be one heck of a Jedi master some day. :)

Pavel said...

Amber: I think he's great! About the Stars Wars lego thing, I can't be credited for being a good dad cause I play that game with him, it's just fun (smile.)

Maybe, like your bf, he'll grow up and be bigger than his dad!

chrissy: He's so cute, Chrissy, that I have to wear an anti-cuteness device when he does something wrong!

Pinky: I'll tell him you said that! It'll make his day!

hmbt: That's no fair either! You can't expect them to act all perfect when they're just big. sheesh. We adults don't get anything right!

Diesel: May the force be with YOUR thoughtful little man as well, Diesel.

actonbell said...

Aha! I found you:)

Your son sounds like such a delightful child! And there are definite advantages to being smaller. He can probably run faster than most of the other kids, for one thing. My brother was very small for his age (in second grade, he was about the size of the kindergarteners), but he made up for it in various ways--he had a quick wit, and could run like the devil. (good thing, sometimes)

Of course, a Jedi Master doesn't have to worry about such things-your little man obviously has a bright future!

Pavel said...

actonbell: I'm so sorry for not advertising my new location like I should have. Thanks for stopping by. You're right about his speed. Those little legs are fast!

Chrissy121875 said...

Pavel, he sounds soooo adorable! Seems like ALL of my friends are having babies or are onto their second children already! My brother and his wife are expecting in 4 weeks. Meanwhile, Hubby and I are still waiting.......


Pavel said...

Chrissy: now I know I'm baised but if you go to my last blog, you'll see some pictures of him.

So you're going to be an aunt? How exciting!!!

Chrissy121875 said...

Thanks! I'll check it out now :)
Oh, and yes, I am going to be an aunt in 4 weeks. Hubby and I actually have two nieces already (his sister's kids), but my brother and his wife are expecting their first. I wish we were expecting our first now, but I guess we've got some time. We've only been married 8 months. What can I say...patience is a virtue I clearly do not possess :)

G said...

There's a Jamaican saying that I love that goes (this was how it was told to me but there are variations) - "Little axe chop down big tree". That's right - make way for Little Man!