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Friday, February 23, 2007

Still hanging out with mom...

...though not for much longer.

She's leaving on Sunday. Sorry for not keeping up the daiy blog entry, but I've been having such a good time with mom. It's nice to have her around and I'll miss her when she leaves. She's a good mom, I tell ya...

By the way; some folks really enjoyed that video I put in the last blog entry and I'm glad. I also found it inspirational so I thought I'd put this next one which is also very inspirational. In fact, I wouldn't mind watching it every morning before leaving my house...

But what if you're already a very happy, very inspired person and you don't need to see something inspirational to start your day? Well, how about the coolest card trick you'll ever see?

There... I'll be posting on a more regular basis after Sunday when my mom goes back home, so don't abandon me, people! hee hee


Chrissy121875 said...

Pavel, you are missed! I keep checking for updates! Anyway, have a lovely time with your mom :) Moms are special people.

Amber said...

No worries of abandonment here Pavel...I will always check up on you!

I'm so sorry I haven't been around much lately. I've been working on some personal projects that have been sucking up a lot of my time...but I'm having LOTS of fun. :)

I'm glad your Mom is there to visit and I'm so happy to know that you are having a wonderful time. Your Mom is a lucky Lady to have a son like you. :)

Hugs and talk soon!

Pavel said...

Chrissy: Thanks! My mom rocks... I'm back, though; I took her to the airport today and I miss her already.

Amber: Thanks for checking up on me. I DO need checking up on, let me tell you! (hee)

I hope you're having a good time with your personal projects.