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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

My Expresso Machine tried to Kill Me!!!

I'm serious! It did!

Let me tell you what happened. I went home for lunch yesterday because I had prepared some lunch to take to work with me, but somehow left it sitting on the counter. After eating, I decided a little Cuban Coffee would be nice; it's cold and I'm sleepy so a little concentrated hot caffeine would be rather nice. So I put some on and then I started doing the dishes, a few feet away from the machine, when suddenly I hear a loud explosion and hot liquid on my back. Thank goodness I was wearing a thick sweater because it's cold. I turned around and the expresso machine literally threw up, barfed all over my kitchen, the ceiling, everywhere!

My poor white sweater was now the colour of coffee, but thankfully, I wasn't burned. I threw away my expresso machine, though, so if anyone has an expresso machine sitting around collecting dust, can I give you my address? It would be a shameful waste to let my can of Cafe Bustelo coffee get stale, after all, there are sleepy children in Africa...


Cindra said...

Holy crapoly! That is scary. I guess your espresso machine just kinda had enough...went crazy...I'm glad you are okay. Now I'm afraid of espresso machines. I'm going to call in my orders.

Amber said...

LOL! But thank goodness you are okay. I once had a VCR explode of us while in the midst of watching a movie, so I getcha here...freaky!

puppytoes said...

i say keep the sweater, i mean, if "tea stained fabric" is considered fashion-forward, can "coffee stained sweaters" be far behind? xox neva

Pavel said...

Cindra: I know what you mean. I thought about getting another one, then the fear crept back. There must a support group.

"Hello, my name is Pavel," I would say.

"Hello, Pavel," the whole class would say.

"I'm an expresso machine survivor."

amber: ooh. It wasn't "The Ring" was it?

Puppytoes: I have no fashion sense, so I'll have to defer to yours. Of course, if they make fun of me tomorrow at work when I wear it again, I'll be ringing you up!

HMBT said...

Maybe it was the high powered Cuban coffee...sent the machine into the "other" world! Glad you are OK. Thanks for coming by my blog, I really appreciate it.

Pinky said...

Oh, NOOOO!! At least you weren't looking at it!! I'm with cindra, now I shall forever have an irrational fear of expresso machines. Glad you are okay!!

Pavel said...

hmbt: I never thought of that! I do hope it went to Heaven and not the alternative. (smile) Thanks for visiting as well!

Pinky: It was very loud and very scary for a minute. It may be a while before I find the courage to buy another one. I think I'll need to go to the Emerald City and see the wizard about some courage.