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Monday, February 5, 2007

Mad World

A long time ago in an altogether different blog, I put up this wonderful video of Michael Andrews singing "Mad World." It's a beautiful, yet sad song, but what struck me the most was the "choreography" found in the video.

Why am I bringing this up again? Well, because it's amazing just how creative people can be and how they can look at things differently and make new art with the same thing. Kind of like music: there are only 12 tones in a Western Musical scale and yet we can make an infinite variety of songs with it. Or like our alphabet...

Check this interpretation out, all done with emoticons!

I thought it was cool!


Pinky said...

I love this song. It's sad but it's so beautiful all in one. I loved the video the first time you posted it and the second was just as cool. I had never seen the emoticons one, neat! I wonder how long it took them to do that?


Amber said...

Okay, first off, I've never seen the original video before and I had completely forgotten about this song...but I LOVE it. It had me in tears, and the choreography was so unique and beautifully done. I need to get more from this guy. Those lyrics really get me because I've often thought the same things. :(

And the emotical video, is nothing short of awesome. What a neat thing to do...heehee. I bet it didn't take long to make, just a little cut and paste, but just having the idea in the first place...that equals cool in my books. :)

Pavel said...

Pinky: I don't know how long it took to do, maybe Amber is right - a little cutting a pasting by someone with a quick hand, but if you search youtube, you'll find other songs done like this. Pretty cool!

Amber: I like this version better than the original done by Tears for Fears. You're right about the choreography - what creativity!

Diesel said...

Very cool. I thought it was Gary Jules though.

The first time I heard this version was when I watched Donnie Darko. I assume you've seen it, Pavel?

Pavel said...

Diesel: I haven't see it, no. Is it good?