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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Of Tags and Marriage

Okay, someone sent me this amusing internatonal symbol for marriage that I wanted to share:
Of course, I don't hink there's any truth to that, but it "is" funny. (smile)

Okay, now for the "Tag" part of this post. Actually, I was "tagged" twice; once by a very sweet and kind lady from the Philippines called Louann and she has the cutest kids! Her tag is to name 10 things about your mom, I think. But here's the thing, Louann. I am TERRIBLE at tags! I never know what to say or how to expand my list, so I'll just tell you about my mom.

I think very highly about my mom. To me, she's fearless; she'll hop on an airplane and fly all the way to see me, even though I know she doesn't really like flying and her English skills are limited, just to see me and the grandkids. She's also kind. She often puts her self last so that she can be as helpful as she can manage. Brave is another word I can add to her character; she left Cuba in her twenties with me and my brother and we were just babies, spent five years there until she was able to obtain visas for us to enter the US. Personally, I think that's awesome. I remember being scared out of my wits when I first went to college in Chicago. It took a lot for me not to jump back on the airplane and head back to Miami.

How's that, Louann? I can go on for a long time about her, I suppose, but I think this is enough. I love her and am glad that I have her in my life.

I like Louann's blog, btw, for a few reason: the name of her blog is "3 Boys and a Lady" and she's talking about her hubby and her two sons. She's also very "real" and by that I mean she lays it all out for you and tells you how she's feeling. Go visit her, especially if you're a mom and can relate.

That's it for now. Tomorrow I write about the other tag I received from a very neat person called Susan from "A Slice of Life." If you go visit her, you won't regret it because she's a great blogger and very amusing, especially when recounting the History of Spam.


louann said...

That was very nice. I like it that you see your mom as BRAVE - very meaningful insight :)
Thank You for your kind words about me and my blog :)

Karen MEG said...

What a great son you's so nice as a mom to be appreciated. She sounds like a truly amazing woman. I'm sure your mom is so proud of you and your kids as well.

susan said...

What a wonderful post about your mom. Don't our moms always seem so much braver than we can ever be? It's a high standard to live up to.

Rebecca said...

Very sweet words about your mom. I wish all kids could say such nice things about their parents. You are lucky!

Pavel said...

Hi folks! Thank you for your kind words. I assure you that my mom is really that great! I am amazed at her energy and kindness. If we were as good as our moms, the world would be a pretty good place, huh?