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Monday, July 23, 2007

Mom has left the building...

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As a matter of fact, she has left Tennessee. (sniff sniff) She wants to stay but she has some "things" to tidy up. See, she's the nanny for her sister's triplet boys and has basically raised them since they were born. Without getting into too much detail, she hasn't been treated well or compensated adequately for a while. Hopefully things will change because they'll have learned to appreciate her while she was away for two weeks, visiting me. We'll see.

You'd like my mom. She's very cool, funny, and will bend over backwards to be helpful. She just spent two weeks with me and we got along just fine, watching movies together and watching her have fun with my kids. Of course, she's still a mom and so she does "mom" things like remind me to dress the kids this way or that so that the kids will be safe. I have three kids and I haven't manage to put them in danger yet. (smile) Then she's mother's me on occasion. "You drink too much coffee," she says. "Yes mom, as a matter of fact, Juan Valdez recently named his donkey after me." At least she doesn't like vegetables either so she doesn't hound me to eat them (smile.)

We had SO MUCH FUN while she was here, though. We went and played mini golf over in Pigeon Forge, TN with friends and I took a picture of her with the boys:

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My girlie girl had such a good time playing with her friend. I LOVE to see her smile and laugh out loud. AS a matter of fact, if you tickle her long enough, her laugh will get higher and higher pitch until you can no longer hear it. It's really quite funny to see her mouth open in a "laughing" formation, but nothing come out.
Of course, I have noticed that the neighborhood dogs start howling:

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Then we went to Dollywood's Splash Country. They had this really pretty waterfall and beautifully painted horse and my daughter said she wanted to get a picture taken with Grandma and the horse:

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Of course, the water was frozen and my girlie turned blue!

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After a while, everybody got hungry so I got them all some chili dogs.

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So have you ever seen a seven year old eat a chili dog WITHOUT getting messy? I know, neither have I, so even he decides he's too messy after eating the hot dog, so what does he do?


Anyways, I gotta run out and take care of stuff. Later on I'll swing by and see what you've all been up to!


G said...

Ingenious way to have fun and do the laundry at the same time! What a dad!

Mom's will be moms, no matter the age. Sounds like a nice visit for sure. Great pics.

Karen MEG said...

What a great visit you had with your mom - she sounds like a very special lady! You and your kids must miss her when she's not with you. Hope she can come back soon
Also hope things work out for her on the homefront. Triplets - ay-yi-yi!!

FelineFrisky said...

What fun with your Mom! What a wonderful woman.

Your kids are beautiful, especially the little guy!

HA!! What a cool park - and the water splash! Great way to wash off!

Thanks for stopping by! D :)

BarnGoddess said...

Your mom is great. But you already knew that.

"You drink too much coffee," she says. "Yes mom, as a matter of fact, Juan Valdez recently named his donkey after me."

haha. I laughed outloud at that!

The photos were very good, your family looks very happy.

tracey said...

Pavel, your mum sounds wonderful! Lucky you that she doesn't like her veggies, either!

I want to go to Dollywood...I'm jealous!

Pavel said...

g: Next time I'll bring shampoo and apply some "before" he goes under the bucket!

Karen Meg: Thank you, she is pretty good, and can she cook!!!

ff: I always tell her she's my favorite mom!

bg: That little fujifilm A360 takes good pictures outdoors; nothing as good as those National Geographic pics you take, but it's pretty decent. As for happy kids, take them to a water theme park and feed them chili dogs and you have instant happy kids...

Tracey: Hey, come on by. We'll meet at Dollywood and go on the roller coasters!
As for veggies, I eat corn, peas, and carrots. That's it! In my opinion, anything named liked it got run over by a car (squash) can't be good for you.

susan said...

It looks like you had such a great time with your mom. And I know it's hard to see them leave.

Brilliant idea to clean the kiddo! LOL

MyUtopia said...

Great pictures! It looks like she had a great time and was sad to leave.

swamp witch said...

Visiting for the first time, so I'll be back to learn more about what goes on here.
Looks like everyone had a lot of fun...especially with your mom there.

Anonymous said...

I don't even think *I* can eat a chili-dog without getting messy :)

actonbell said...

Your mother looks so young! Those are great pictures. Obviously, a good time was had by all:)

Pavel said...

Susan: It was fun, yes, but hopefully I can get her to move up here permanently.

Myutopia: She "did" look sad and I really wanted to tell her, "forget Miami, Mom. It's better here!"

Swamp Witch: Thanks for visiting! I just talk about my family and the fun things we do, sprinkled with cool stuff I discover on the web on occasion. Hope you come by again!

Trish: You do have a point!

Actonbell: Splash Country is a blast and you should visit some day!

Diesel said...

Man, you are having a good time this summer, aren't you?

Chrissy121875 said...

What a great time you guys have! It's wonderful that you and your mom have such a great relationship and enjoy spending lots of time together! I love that! It's really nice to see! Oh, and by the way...Your mom looks wayyyyyyyyy too young to be a grandma! :)