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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Girl, this is thriller, thriller night!

If you want to read a great summertime vignette about the restlessness and excitement of youth, go here. Blogger buddy G has a classy writing style and is sophisticated and funny so if you have time, be sure to visit her and read this gem.

Me, on the other hand, I'm too practical to be a good storyteller. I'm too quick getting to the point to take a reader by the hand and slowly introduce characters and plots where the reader can savor each passing moment and possibility.

G's post did remind me of this hilarious video I saw yesterday. If you were a prision warden over in the Philippines, what would you do with several 100 convicted felons to combat loneliness or boredom, or perhaps to inflict more punishment for their crimes? You make them re-enact Michael Jackson's "Thriller," complete with a a guy in a pony tail and a pink halter top playing Jackon's date. You HAVE TO watch this! It's amazing:

Actually, I thought they were pretty good!

This actually is done occasionally with different songs. Check this one out where they dance to "I will follow him" from the movie, "Sister Act."


louann said...

Hahaha really cool. From what I heard, the mayor of Cebu (where these inmates are jailed) came up with a program, a dance contest where the different jails in Cebu are to compete against each other.

G said...

Do you really want to be singing "I love him, I love him, I love him and where he goes I'll follow" in a Men's Prison?

Actually they were pretty good. I've said it before (what with the woman in my office who is a Phillipina) - odd people.

Thank you so much for those kind and generous words about my little story. I think I like to spin a yarn to aid in my procrastination and avoid unpleasntries - like getting all my passwords in order ;)

You're a gem. ~ G

Rebecca said...

I'm not a great story teller either.

I did enjoy your videos!

Pavel said...

Louann: wow. What a great idea! Seriously, I think all that practice and competition is a better rehab program that most things out there.

g: lol!!! Good point. I also wouldn't want to be the one to play Michael Jackson's date! Can you imagine how he spends his time AFTER practice???

Rebecca: They're great, aren't they?

susan said...

What a novel idea. I wonder if they perform for the public. I can't imagine how much work it was to get them all choreographed like that.

Karen MEG said...

Pavel, how did you find these amongst all that stuff on Youtube! What a riot... actually, I guess much better than a prison riot!
The dancing is actually amazing, to have that many people that musically inclined! I wonder if the lead and the "actress" had to audition LOL!

Pavel said...

Susan: That's what I was thinking. These guys practiced a lot!

Karen Meg: It was featured as a being very viral and had tons of hits as soon as it was posted.

FelineFrisky said...

That is really cool. Something fairly entertaining and physically active for the inmates. Interesting. Don't think it would work here, though. It would be a fun experiment, though! Thanks for posting them!

D :)