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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mom's in the House!

My mom flew in from Miami yesterday! Woohoo! You have no idea how delicious her Cuban cooking is so I'm probably going to gain 30 pounds in the next two weeks, which is how long she's staying. I especially love her black beans and rice and those fried bananas!

Yes, while she's here we'll HAVE to take her to Dollywood and even Dollywood's Splash Country. Maybe I'll make her go down a big water slide or something and try some of the local food like country fried chicken and biscuits and gravy. Good stuff, I tell ya...

Last time I went to Dollywood, I think it was back in May, the kids had a blast, and not just because of the rides. They were having their annual International Festival and there was food and entertainment from all over the world. So what did the kids eventually eat? Hot dogs, fries, and a soda! Let's not try anything new, shall we?

The rides were a lot of fun too, though. They have this "Memory Lane" 50's cars type ride where the kids drive around. Here's good advice, don't let a six year old drive!

On another note, I'll be in Baltimore Maryland the 23rd through the 25th of August for a work related thing! I'm really excited because I've never been anywhere Northeast. I've done all most all of the Midwest thing and even went North all the way to Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan, but Nary a Northeastern state. So what is there to do in Baltimore, or even Washington DC which seems to be a short ride away? (Okay people, before you start thinking just how dumb I am for asking what there is to in Washington DC, I mean I only have two evenings to spend visiting stuff since I actually HAVE to go to the conference and attend workshops.)

Any suggestions? Any regular blogger live around those parts? Maybe we could have some coffee or something. Actually, forget coffee! It's too hot for that... Any cool restaurants or historical things in Baltimore that I should cover in my short time there?


BarnGoddess said...

omg, Paval that was MEAN
MEAN I tell ya.

posting photo of that GOOD food for us to see, JUST see...

If your ever in Oklahoma, gimme a holler :)

Dorky Dad said...

That hot dog is just CREEPY.

If you go to Baltimore you must go to Inner Harbor. If you're a baseball fan, then you can go to Camden Yards. But definitely Inner Harbor.

susan said...

That looks great! I don't think I've ever had Cuban food before.

I went to DC last year with a kid's class tour. There was so much that all I really remember is all those Smithsonian Museums and how great (and free!) they were. Oh and seeing the monuments after every thing else had closed. Sorry, I'm not much help...

Pavel said...

bg: Oops! Sorry... I'm trying to convince Mom that Tennessee is where she should live so that I could go eat her food on a regular basis.
Oklahoma? Hmmm... I lived in Kansas (Manhattan, Kansas - the little apple) and I did drive THROUGH Oklahoma once.

Dorky Dad: I agree! A hot dog that puts ketsup on itself IS creepy.
Inner Harbor? Okay... I'll check it out.

Susan: You haven't had Cuban food before?! You must try it once at least. (smile)

I didn't know the Smithsonian was free! Cool...

cj said...

Ohhh Cuban food!! I once ate at a fancy Cuban place in NYC. It was wonderful.... sadly there are not any Cuban places in MN that I know of. :( It looks so delicious!!!

Have fun with your ma' Pavel - you deserve it!

G said...

Ummmmm, black beans and rice and fried bananas - that looks delicious!

You're getting close but not close enough for a meet and greet. I don't think you're in the Northeast until you're in NJ and even south Jersey is pushing it :)

PS: Love the pics of the kids on the ride. Classic.

BarnGoddess said...

I had to come back and look at that food....

and that car photo, your kids faces are too funny!

neva said...

coupla things:

A) LUCKY YOU! i remember the last time your mom visited. mmmmmmm. i ADORE Cuban food -- except, as a vegetarian, i tend to stay away from the pork dishes... but beans? rice? plantains?? yummy!

B) whaddaya mean "too hot for coffee"?? and you call yourself a Cuban...? i tell ya, we practically lived on Cafe Cubano con leche when we were in Miami, and LOVED it!

C) too bad Baltimore is so dang far from New York... might have been a nice time for another "bloggy" roundup! (maybe next time??)

happy happy, Pavel, enjoy your mom! (and, by ALL means, post lots and lots of pictures of the tasty treats you'll be enjoying while she's there!) ; ) xox

Pavel said...

CJ: Fun with mom. Got it!!! Count me in... (smile) You know why there aren't any Cuban places in MN? It's too cold for Cubans? (hee hee)

g: Those fried bananas with a pinch of salt. Awesome!!!
Don't worry G, I will go to New York City soon, and when I do, we'll meet up with any blogger within earshot!
About the pictures in the car, they were actually driving and my daughter thought the little guy was going to get her killed. I was just to the side when they drove by and got a picture with my cell phone. When she finally got out of the car she said, "boys can't drive!"

bg: ROFL!!! I wish blogger has "Smellavision" so you can sniff my mom's black beans! And if my kids and your kids ever got together, we'd be in big trouble!

Neva: Gosh, I'm not sure I've ever met a Cuban vegetarian. hee hee!
You're right, though. Those Cafe con Leches rock, no matter what the temperature is...
And like I told G, I WILL go to NY one day, so be ready!