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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

If Coffee could kiss...

... and other incredible amazing things!

I love coffee! I probably drink two or three cups a day usually with some hazelnut or chocolate flavored cream. Yum...

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A friend of mine sent me this and I wish I could find out where I could get one. Don't you think it's an awesome piece of art that would go wonderful on say a coffee table?

You want to see an incredible amazing feat of coordination and creativity. Then watch this!

I know, the quality is terrible, but I was telling a family member about this and she wanted to see it so that's why I'm posting it. He's so cute at the end!

The kid's Wednesday night Church program started yesterday and they were excited from the moment I picked them up. It's this exciting and very cool program called "AWANA." The thing is, my oldest child Jaron is autistic and normally he sort of stays to himself somewhat but last night he was right in there, having a wonderful time, participating in all the activities and and answering questions.

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I was just so happy seeing him acting and being just like all the kids there and just before we left the Church some girl that was in his class walked by him and said, "bye Jaron, see you next Wednesday!"

That's my boy!

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BarnGoddess said...

I love coffee too but my MD says I need to quit it :( isnt that just awful?

great photos of your kids.

Im glad your oldest one likes the youth program. My Wee One has Aspergers traits so I know all about how they can be loners....

HMBT said...

That is such a cool work of art! Glad to hear that your oldest is making his own way in this world. It's hard when our kids are not "like everyone else"...they have so much to teach us all because of it. :) Your kids are so beauty-Full!

MyUtopia said...

What a cool sculpture! I gave coffee up this year. I wanted to break my addiction to caffeine for good.

susan said...

Such a talented little guy!

I LOVE that sculpture, I had to look at it for a few minutes before I found the kiss. I could find a place for that...

Karen MEG said...

I'm a coffee lover and sculputres like that do nothing to curb my addiction - how cool is that!
Your little guy is sure talented - and so sweet! And good for Jaron - that's great that he's enjoying his program so much.

G said...

"Showing America my talent" Yes indeed. As if that weren't enough, I read on about Jaron and I must admit, my heart melted. Oh those little victories are so sweet.

Thanks for sharing the sweet moments.

Pavel said...

Barngoddess: Quit coffee?!! Good luck!!! Oh, Wee One with Asperger traits? They're special AND awesome little people, aren't they?

hmbt: I wondered if you liked it, being artsy like you are.
You're right about special kids teaching us so much.

Myutopia: You're a better person than me, I'll tell you that.

Susan: That sculpture IS cool, huh? I'd love to have it.

Karen Meg: You're right! That sculpture just begs for a cup a coffee!!! Thanks for Jaron; he sure is amazing.

g: rofl!!! And he takes his talents so seriously! He's adorable and makes me laugh to no end.
Thank you for your comment on Jaron. When they do something "normal" it means so much more, huh?

Chrissy said...

Great post! Cool piece of art too! I LOVE the taste of coffee and the way it just makes you feel so warm and fuzzy inside! LOL! The only problem is that coffee has an adverse affect on me. It makes me SLEEPY! LOL! Seriously! There is only a small percentage of people in the world with this condition, and I'm one of those people. Coffee knocks me out cold in minutes...which is why I never went for coffee on dates! LOL! That would be the equivalent of Rohypnol for me!

Again, great pic of your son! What a cutie! Your kids are all cutie pies!

Theresa said...

I love coffee too. Yep, the coffee table is definitely the place for that sculpture. The video was just too cute, could we be looking at a future gymnast here?

It's great to hear that Jaron had such a great time at the church program, it sounds like it'll be a really good experience for him.

Pavel said...

Chrissy: Coffee makes you sleepy? Wow. I had never heard of that condition. I think it would kind of cool, actually. You'd say to your friends,
"Watch this!" then drink the coffee and be snoring after 5 minutes!

Theresa: Thanks! He is just so extremely cute and photographable and he makes me smile constantly. He may be a gymnist if his arms grow a bit more, right now, if he stands on his hands, his head is just 2 inches off the floor!

Dayngr said...

I love coffee! What a great piece of artwork. Your son is adorable. Just too cute.