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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hi there! Boy, it's hot!

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How are you folks doing? It's so hot right now, all I want to do is sit in an air conditioned room, wearing nothing but boxer shorts and drink ice tea until the sun goes down.

How hot is it where you are? Over here it's bad! I drove by the bank and just had to pull over and take a picture!

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Last time when it was this hot, I had to put the kids on ice, and this time they put on their bathing suits and had the most awesome water balloon fights! I'm sorry I don't have pictures of them going at it but I have to decide to take the plunge and buy a new decent digital camera. All I have right now is the camera on the cell phone.

See you later and stay cool!


FelineFrisky said...

Whoa! 105! The heat index at our house goes that high and our temps are at about 100 most days. The humidity is up around 90+% most days. It's just YUCKY!!! August is the only month I hate here in FL. It's dreadful, can't enjoy anything.

Glad the kids are having fun with water and staying cool!

Walking around in boxers with iced tea is a great idea, won't go over well at work, though! LOL

Stay cool! D :)

susan said...

I soooo wouldn't survive. We hit the 80's yesterday and I had every fan we owned going full blast. It's supposed to rain today. I don't do heat!

Trish said...

When I was pregnant with my second child it was during the hot summer in NC and I would lie around the house in my underware with wet towels draped over my round body....ahhhh

I didn't wan't to move. At all.

Diesel said...

105 is nothing out here. But then it's a dry heat, as they say. And actually it's been cool lately, so whatever.

Pavel said...

ff: Water ballons and trips to the water park works pretty well with my kids. As for me in boxer shorts at work, I'll have to wait for MAJOR CASUAL day at work. (grin)

Susan: I'm with you! I don't appreciate these temps AT ALL!!!

Trish: Wet towel around body, got it! Thanks for the suggestion.
Being pregnant in this heat would be horrible...

Diesel: Wow! If you're not impressed with 105 degrees, it must be an oven over there!