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Sunday, August 19, 2007

I have a new Camera and I'm not afraid to use it!

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I broke down and got a new one after my other one broke. I thought I could do without it but I was wrong, I tell ya. So here's what went down this weekend. I got the kids at around 2pm and we had a great time just lounging around at home watching "High School Musical 2" which they had been anticipating for a couple of weeks. Then we went to Knoxville because I had heard that they opened up the Sun Sphere a couple of months ago after having closed it for years:

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We got on the elevator and saw a spectacular sight of a LOT of Knoxville:

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The little guy was particularly excited with the view!

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Afterwards we walked down to World's Fair Park:

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There are these great fountains at that park where people go and splash around and have a great time, and that's just what they did! The water pressure starts small:

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I like that picture and thought I should have put a label like "I'm going in!" or something. Anyways, they kicked up the water a notch or two:

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Girlie girl thought that the water was too cold and wanted to stand in the middle to stay as dry as possible but she left just in time because then they REALLY turned up the water!!!

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Goodness!!! I thought I was going to lose a child or two when they did that! The little buddy was thrown up in the air twenty feet, but I caught him on the way down. (Just kidding!)


cj said...

Oh Pavel, you really thought you could live with out a digi camera? Puhleeze your a phicophile like me. :) Glad you got a new one - I love seeing the pictures.

:) Have a good week sunshine!

Heart Of Darkness said...

God, to be a kid again... see, people don't look kindly at me when I jump into a fountain, fully clothed and all, at my age... :D

Wonder why... ;)

BarnGoddess said...

I am happy you bought a camera, you know what a photo fanatic I am!

These are great pics! your family certainly looks like they are staying cool in that last set of photos :)

Pinky said...

Oh, this looks like fun! I remember when I was little, my grandfather took me to the sun sphere so I could look at it. I remember it being the coolest thing I ever saw. I'm sure your kids got to enjoy it waaaaay more since they actually got to go in it! You are such an awesome dad!! HUGS and love to you!!

Dorky Dad said...

Wow. Great looking kids! And great pics.

And as for that High School Musical 2, I just don't get it. That's something I would have laughed at -- not in a good way -- when I was in high school.

Pavel said...

cj: rofl!!! We are, aren't we? That's 'cause we have good looking kids! (smile) Take care...

Heart of Darkness: I know! It's not fair, is it? I often joke with my kids that they get to wear cool sneakers with superheroes, and I don't because they don't make them for adults! not fair...

barngoddess: Actually, my goal is usually to take pictures that are as good as yours! You're awesome with the digital camera.
Put children in a place where water is shot out at high pressures, add bathing suits, and, voila! Instant fun!

Pinky: Oh, you've seen it too? Isn't it cool? They thought it was amazing, although my girl was a bit nervous on the way up.

Dorky Dad: Thank you! They're awful cute when photographed. As a matter of fact, they could be yelling at each other and I grab a camera and yet, "say cheese" and they'll instantly stop, smile at me as I take the picture, then continue fighting... It's crazy!

As for the picture quality, I'm equally impressed. I bought a Kodak easyshare Z712 and it practically takes great pictures all by itself! Two thumbs up on the pic quality!

FelineFrisky said...

Memories! Went to the World's Fair in Knoxville in '82! It was quite the show! I remember those fountains! LOL Sheesh, that was a LOOONG time ago.....mumble, grumble....

Glad you & your kids had fun, looks like it was a cool one!

Great you got the new camera - think what we'd be missing! LOL

Have a great week! D :)

Beth said...

Beautiful kids - love the picture of them posing on the sidewalk!

(thanks for visiting my blog...)

Diesel said...

Your kids are so freaking cute, I'd be taking lotsa pics too.

louann said...

Life without a camera?! Are you kidding?
You're kids look like they had a blast. And I am sure you had a wonderful weekend :)

susan said...

Yay, you survived not having a camera and now you are BACK!! Great photos.

Theresa said...

How could you not take pictures of such cute kids? That would be a crime. It looks like they had a great time - kids and water that always works. That fountain looks like so much fun that it makes me want to jump in.

Pavel said...

ff: You were there?! Cool! I know a few folks who were there, but I certainly wasn't. I was in Jr. High school back in Miami.

beth: Thanks! They actually like each other 75% of the time so they look good together in pictures. Thanks for swinging by.

Diesel: Thanks! You've got some very cute kids yourself...

Louann: We did, yes. World's Fair Park was a lot of fun. Hope your little man is feeling better!

Susan: rofl!!! I felt naked without my camera to take pictures of them.

Theresa: I know! I wish I had brought my bathing suit as well. Kids have all the fun...

Karen MEG said...

So cute, Pavel. No way you could not have a camera around with your beautiful kiddos. What a lovely day you had - that water looks so refreshing (but, yeah, a little chilly :)

HMBT said...

Your kids are so darn cute! Looks like fun on a hot day. :)

Pavel said...

Karen Meg: Yeah, it was really fun and the kids talked about it yesterday. I was definitely glad I had a camera.

hmbt: Thank you! They're a mess, a cute mess, but a mess nevertheless!

G said...

Glad to see you came to your senses! I mean how could YOU live without a digital? Great pics!

My kids would love those sprinklers!

Chrissy said...

Oh my gosh, Pavel! Your kids are ADORABLE! Your little girl looks like such a princess! So pretty in pink! Oh, and the boys! such cuties too! They look like they're so much fun! You're a lucky man, Pavel! Can't wait for Hubby and me to start our own family!

Pavel said...

g: Those sprinklers are so much fun, they should be illegal! Heck, I'm going in next time!!!

Chrissy: Thank you! My girlie wanted to dress up like Sharpei, the snob from High School Musical, and that's why she wore all pink. At least that's what she said.
I'm sure you'll have adorable looking kids!