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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Harry Potter

I went by the library yesterday to pick up the unabridged audio cd of the latest Harry Potter book. I'm pretty excited about this because I "heard" the first two books and thought the reader, Jim Dale, was amazing the way he brought the book to life, giving each character a distinctive voice building up excitement, etc...
I got into listening to books when I used to work an hour away, in Knoxville. For five years I drove two hours a day, and in that time I listened to almost every thing the library had to offer. Many of the readers were good, some not so good, and I had my favorites that I would pick from, which I think is funny in retrospect. Picking a book to listen to based on the reader instead of the author!
I know a lot of you folks have read it already so don't spoil it!
Anybody else like audio books?


susan said...

My grandma used to get records of stories in the mail because she was legally blind. So listening to audio books just brings me right back to her. I usually will listen to them on those rare times that I am alone in the house working on some project or on long driving vacations.

Heart Of Darkness said...

LOl I love the picture of DV reading HP!

Don't love HP, though... and I hate audio books! I didn't even like being read to as a child! LOL Yeah, I know, what's wrong with me? The first words I learned were "Do it myself!"... :D

BarnGoddess said...

yes! I used to listen to all the latest books on audio when I worked.

how cool, let me know what you think of the book....

Diesel said...

I'd like to hear Darth Vader reading it.

Trish said...

I have only listened to a few audio books but had to stop because the voices of the readers were SO annoying!

I can completely relate to picking them by reader instead of author, it makes or breaks the story.

Meow Meow said...

I use some audio books in my classroom for my lower reading students. I want the one's who struggle to be able to see and hear what is going on!

I like motivation stuff when I have a long drive and good old rock and roll!

Pavel said...

Susan: Oh, I forgot about a blind friend who would get those.
I take it you're not often alone, huh?

Heart of Darknes: I guess DV gets his evil ideas from reading HP!
"Do it yourself" isn't a terrible philosophy that I wished my parents employed with me more often when I was growing up. (smile)

bg: I will!

Diesel: Now that would be something! rofl!

Trish: I'm with you. You know who are the worst readers? Occasionally the authors themselves read their own book and I haven't heard a single one who hadn't put me to sleep!

meow meow: You sound like a great teacher who uses creative methods to help your students learn. I wish you had been my math teacher. (smile)

Dorky Dad said...

I like audio books but I wouldn't like spending all that money on gas just to listen to a book.

Pavel said...

dorky dad: Good one!!!