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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Blame it on the Bossa Nova...

Okay, this post is about two things:

1. This very silly song that, unless you are just too serious a person, will make you laugh or even get up and dance.

2. To share with you this very cool service that allows you to easily embed songs to your blog. It's completely free and have just about any song I looked for so enjoy. This will enable you to set the mood to a post.


neva said...

i ADORE this song -- and this little gadget is very cool! (somehow you manage to find the best stuff, my friend!)

thanks for that great "pick-me-up". you have no idea how much i needed that today! xox

G said...

I ADORE this song too! I'm cha-chaing around (which is not so easy as my "c" key is stuck on my laptop. But dude, if I believe what I read, and I can do this, this is exactly what I've wanted to know! I bow before you.

HMBT said...

Perfect! I love this song and have it in my collection too! I have been wanting something like this to add music to my posts...way too cool...thanks Pavel!

FelineFrisky said...

Very cool - I am dancing in my seat! Thanks for the jive so early today! You always DO find the coolest stuff! D :)

Pavel said...

Neva: I hope you're having a better day today, my friend. As for the gadget, it could be useful over at the snark, especially the way G "in the house" blogs about good music every Saturday.

G: It's as easy as embedding a youtube clip. As for you cha chaing around the house, I think you need to record yourself and put THAT on the snark!

Hmbt: And you being all artsy and stuff, I'm sure you'll make beautiful use of it.

ff: Get down, ff!!