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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Very Cool Pepsi Commercial from India!

Usually, when I open a can of soda, about the only thing that happens is that my kids start asking me for a zip. By the time they're done, I have a little bit of backwash pepsi in the bottom of the can. It's one of those joys of parenthood things... (smile)

Nothing THIS cool ever happens when I open a soda can!


Diesel said...

So your kids do that too, huh? My kids keep asking me if I want a soda so that they can get their sips. They're gonna make me fat, I tell ya!

Pavel said...

I think they tell each other this little "secret" when they're in school.

Hey, whatcha gonna do? Soon they'll have their own kids and their kids will do it to them, while us "granddads" laughin a great "circle of life" kind of way.

neva said...

whoa... that was excellent! that first part made me think of Yertle the Turtle. as for sodas? dude -- ya need to keep those things away from the kids and yourself. (aside from that gross "backwash" thing -- sodas are bad for the bones, doncha know...) xox

Pavel said...

Neva: Who on Earth is "Yertle the Turtle?"