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Friday, April 20, 2007

They're in Heaven now.

On the VT student newspaper website there is the following: It is an email from Professor Bryan Cloyd to his students. His daughter, Austin, died Monday.

"If we don't meet again, your final assignment from me is perhaps the most important lesson you will learn in life. Go to your mother, father, brothers and sisters and tell them with all your heart how much you love them. And tell them that you know how much they love you too. Go out of your way to make good memories...At some point these memories may be all you have left. May God bless you, Bryan"

I don't know you personally, Professor Cloyd, but I do want to say that I am deeply sorry for your loss. No one should go through this. Thank you for showing us what's truly important in life.

Again, I am so sorry...


If you haven't already visited, stop by the VTU website to see a respectful, caring, and unfortunately very sad tribute. As soon as I click on the link and reached the site, my eyes teared up. I thought about the parents sadness and the lives cut short; beautiful people who deserved a full life. Some of them could have discovered cures, or saved a drowning child, or perhaps some could have developed and run a community project to help the poor. Maybe they would have just lived long but ordinary lives, but it was their lives to live.

I wish my kids were with me right now; I'd hug them and tell them I love them, just like Professor Cloyd's final assignment.


Diesel said...

I'm going to give my wife and kids an extra hug tonight. Thanks for the reminder, Pavel.

Pavel said...

Hope you gave them a good one!