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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

He's feeling much better now...

I couldn't keep him indoors much longer! Two days after an asthma attack, he literally drove me crazy, wanting to go outdoors and play so I finally gave in, all the while monitoring him and his breathing.

I took my little buddy to a friend's house who has a very cute little puppy named "Smoky."

Now doesn't that just look like material for a Norman Rockwell painting? "A boy and his dog."

And if that wasn't enough, when we got home he wanted to ride his bike and play with his hand kite!

The sun was going down and I wanted him to come in and have some dinner but I think he was just so happy to get a chance to run around, after having been under parent mandated indoor rest.


Chrissy121875 said...

Oh, Pavel! He is absolutely precious! What a cute little boy you have! I love the pic of him and the dog! Too cute!

Diesel said...

I just had a fun trip to the emergency room with my little guy too. Treehouse accident. Not fun. He's okay now.

Pavel, are you ready to try for another win in my caption contest?

Pavel said...

Chrissy: Thanks! He's so cute, I've even thrown away the receipt when I got him. He's a keeper...

Diesel: Sorry to hear that. It almost seems like children's jobs is to kill themselves and parents is to prevent it from happening.