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Monday, October 29, 2007

A Tale of Dancing Children...

Two of my monkeys had to dance in front of a crowd at a local festival this weekend and they were pretty darn cute.

I was waiting out in the audience when I caught the little Guy warming up backstage. I had to zoom in quite a bit to catch him when he finally looked up and noticed me:

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Of course, they had to wait a while before it was their turn to go up and dance so what do children do when they have to wait? They play and laugh and have a good time!

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It was almost time for them to do their dance when I caught the Little Guy waiting by the side of the stage, looking out to see if he could spot his dad:

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Finally it was time and they got up their and did a very good modern dance piece to the tune of "Colors of the Wind."

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Overall, I thought they did a wonderful job. Considering it was their first modern dance piece, the stage was very small and it was pretty cold, they stuck it out and didn't panic about the size of the stage or anything. Normally, if you want to freak out beginning students, change their surroundings, but no. They completed the whole song and were very graceful about it.

I offered them ice cream after they were done, but they decided I was crazy, that they would rather get some kettle corn that was being made at the festival, all hot!


Beth said...

Glad the proud papa took pictures.
Kudos to your kids for performing!

C said...

Ooooooooooooh! Your kids are soooooooooo adorable, Pavel!

RedNeckGirl said...

So cute and talented!

Karen MEG said...

Oh they're adorable - and so talented! Modern dance at such a young age - very impressive!
You must be so proud :)

HMBT said...

Wonderful pictures of wonderful dancers!

Pavel said...

beth: You know it!

c: That cuteness, let me tell ya, is a double edge sword! Just try saying no to that cuteness; it takes a lot of willpower.

redneckgirl: Thank you! It is so cool, rg, to see you around again.

karen meg: I know! It's cool to see them doing some of those modern dance moves. I wished I had recorded some of it.
Proud, me? But of course!

hmbt: I usually tell people that it's not the photographer, it's the subjects! *smile* Of course, the camera quality helps... I love taking pictures and I finally decided to spend a little more when my last digital camera died and it makes a world of a difference...

BarnGoddess said...

I see Broadway in their future!

Your kids are beautiful. They havent a stitch of stage-fright either, do they?

You have every right to be one proud papa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!