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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Man, we had fun!!!

I know. I know. I've heard some folks say that all I ever do is have fun with my kids, but it's not true. I just don't blog about the boring times.

That said, I did have a terrific weekend! Guess where I went with the little guys?

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First was buying the tokens. Then my daughter, whom I think has a serious career as an accountant, separated the tokens:

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Then it was time to Wack the Moles!!!

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I actually like that game myself. Then there was flying around and playing in tunnels:

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Afterwards we had to go back to a friend's house because I'm dog sitting for him until he comes back from Disney with his family. It was actually fun playing with the dog:

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My little buddy is the one on the left, just in case you're not sure. The next door neighbor's kids were outside so my kids quickly made friends with them and then got on the trampoline and had a blast for over an hour:

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So that was my fun weekend. Well, I guess this post does little to dispel the notion that all I ever do is have fun with the kids. My I'll post about when the kids are sleeping. There, that's not so fun, is it?


G said...

I was just sorting through some old pictures - quite a few sleeping ones. Even though they look like angels, I still vote for the live action ones that you post here.

Okay, one sleeping one. Nice catching up. Hope all is well this week.

Theresa said...

I like your fun posts, but if you do sleeping ones I'm sure the pictures will be just as great. We have pictures of our kids sleeping in the strangest places: at the table, in the closet, at a desk...OK. Challenge extended...get to your sleeping post, and surprise us.

HMBT said...

My kids are the sweetest most loving men I know...when they are asleep! I think it's great that you share your joy about your what if you guys have a lot of fun? I wish you tons of fun and laughs with your great kids!

Beth said...

Not only do your kids have fun but they're physically active - which is great!

cj said...

You are a brave man Pavel. I try and stay far away from Chuck E Cheese... it can be a very scary place. *L* :) Looks like you all had a great time - I love the pictures your kids are such treasures!

Casdok said...

Lovely pics of the kids, a fun time had by all!

BarnGoddess said...

what great photos as usual :)

Pavel + weekends = FUN FOR HIS KIDDOS

I like your posts, they always make me smile.

Chuckee Cheeses, I have been contemplating having Wee One's b-day party down in Tulsa at the ONLY CC in our area...not sure yet though because he wants a Sponge Bob cake and SB party...

Choices are hard when your a parent!

Pavel said...

g: So good to "hear" from you! Okay, I'll try for a sleeping pic this weekend. I'll have to figure out how to slow the camera shutter speed, though. (smile)

theresa: You're on!

hmbt: Thank you! Truth is, I love having fun with them. Besides, what's the options? Sit around and watch TV? We do that too but not a lot. Actually, they watch dvd's in the car on the way to all these activities.

beth: That's true! It's a good thing too, or they'd be fat with all the sweets they eat!

cj: I did consider the dangers of taking them to Chucky Cheeses; three of them going every which way, one of them having to go to the bathroom while the other two are, well, elsewhere. Truth is, they have someone at the door at all times and they have to show their hand and the numbers have to match the amount of people you came in with. Phew... I'd hate to lose one of them...

casdok: We did, yes!!! My oldest boy will be 11 tomorrow. That's the autistic one and I plan to have a heck of a bash for him, so expect party pictures on Monday!

bg: Thanks and I agree with you; choices ARE hard, especially when you have more than one and you have to make them understand that we can't do THREE different things at the same time.

Trish said...

I remember my kids' ChuckECheese those got them stoked! All that pizza and pop and cake and games and tokens. Woohoo

Love that trampoline pic with the shoes bouncing LOL...

Trish said...

Oh, duh...those aren't shoes. It's an iPod? and head phones hooked into the net?

Randy said...

My autistic 8-year-old (age 6 at the time) had a Chuck E Cheese Routine with me a couple of times a week. What really amused him was me climbing up into those tubes and chasing him around. It probably does look silly for an overweight 42-year-old man to be up there, but it was fun!

Ann(ie) said...

FUN!! I used to love that place. I'm excited for my boy to be old enough....I actually like their pizza. And I'm not sure many like their pizza!??

FelineFrisky said...

Love your fun posts! You do the coolest things with your wonderful kids!

Doesn't matter WHAT you do together, I love it!

Bring on the sleeping bags! Let's see the sleepy pics! LOL

D :)

Pavel said...

trish: Yeah, those are fun! I think it was the little neighbor's walkman, but I'm not sure.

randy: Nice to meet you and I certainly don't think bad of a parent who gets in there and plays with their kids, probably because I do it! Thanks for visiting.

annie: Hi! Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad to know another adult besides myself that likes their pizza!

ff: Hi again! Haven't seen you in a bit. I'll work on the sleeping pictures. It may be a while.