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Friday, May 9, 2008

I'm back!!! Oh, Happy Mothers day!

Hi everybody and Happy Mothers day for all you nice moms out there. Walmart has a great sense of humor about Mothers day, don't you think?

Seriously, though. I think moms should be cherished and loved on Mom's day, and every day, for that matter. Moms rock.

Sorry I've been away for so long, but I had to help a friend and now everything is okay. That, and I've been busy doing stuff... (smile)

How are all you doing? I'm going around a bit later and visiting all you but as for me, I'm doing pretty well.

Let me tell you about tonight! I just got back from seeing Liz Callaway in concert!

It was so awesome! Here is the lady who played Grizabella the Cat in "Cats" on Broadway and she's singing "Memories" about 10 feet from me (I got the front row.) It was very amazing and she was so gracious and funny. If you get a chance to see her, don't miss it!

I'll be back tomorrow but I have missed you folks something terrible. Hope everyone is ok!


Chris H said...

Glad to hear all is well with you mate... I have wondered where the hell you were! Mothers Day.. pffft! Over rated day if ya ask me... I am Mum to 8 but still had to do all the housework on the day. boo hoo

Hilary said...

Welcome back.. glad that all is well.

Karen MEG said...

Hey Pavel, great to see you back and you just make me laugh...that mother's day photo from walmart ;)

Welcome back!!

MyUtopia said...

LOL on the walmart condom thing.

Ann(ie) said...

HIYA!!! We've missed you!! I love the little monkey pic leaning on the bird! Happy weekend to you.

louann said...

So glad you are back! And I hope to "see" you more often!

G said...

I'm surprised that Walmart even sells condoms - conservative as their corporate culture is. Mini-rant over.

That's one cute little monkey.

Now don't go missing until Father's Day.

Pavel said...

chris h: lol!!! You have 8 kids???

hilary: Hi there! Missed you and you're great pictures,too...

karen meg: moms need to laugh a lot, so I'll try to do that more often. (smile)

myutopia: I haven't met a mom who didn't find that funny.

annie: The little monkey is so cute! Hope you're doing okay...

louann: Hi there, Louann! Missed all of you, really... I'll try and stay on "top of things."

g: That's a good point, G! Didn't they stop selling some x rated magazine not too long ago?

Yes, ma'am; I'll try and stay "current."

RedNeckGirl said...

LOL on the WalMart it!