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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Great Outdoors

Picture 040

We went to the Smoky Mountains a few weeks ago and really enjoyed walking around by the streams  and lakes.  Check out the kids "looking for gold!"

They didn't find any but they did find some really cool rocks they were sure they could "sell for millions" on Ebay.  Do I have nerdy children, or what?


Picture 046 Girlie was the bravest, going to the center of the river.  I think she was going after some insect that she saw.

She's so independent that it worries me.  Soon she'll be a teenager and, she's pretty, and, well... You know where I'm going with this, don't you?




Darn, they're growing up too fast!



Hilary said...

Being independent is a GOOD thing. When she's a teen, she'll think for herself and not easily be persuaded. See where *I'm* going here? ;) She'll be fine. She's got a loving and attentive Dad, and that counts for a lot when girls hit those scary years.

Chris H said...

*quietly sniggering*.... you have no idea what you are in for mate! I have had 3 teenage daughters and 3 teenage sons already (only 2 to go!)...... you sound so cute when you gush about your cute kids... just you wait! You won't be thinking they are so darn cute in a few more years I can assure you.... but for now... enjoy them cos they ARE CUTE! Ah the joys of being a parent....have worn off this chick!

louann said...

TOTALLY agree Pavel. It breaks my heart you know.

G said...

Hillary said so perfectly what I was going to say, so I'll say "ditto."

They're adorable and yes I too sometimes sigh at how quickly they're growing up. We have some valuable "Montauk rocks", maybe we should be considering eBay! Smart kids.

Pavel said...

hilary: Thanks for your take on the situation. Maybe I don't need to worry as much after all. (smile)

chris h.: I can't even imagine! rofl! That must be my problem. I'm in for it when they become teenagers, aren't I?

louann: I hate to sound sentimental, but it stinks to see them need you less and less, but it's also a good thing, I suppose. They gotta get ready for the big world.

g: I just want to hold the moment a little bit longer, or at least try. It does happen fast, and I know I'll be dealing with them as individuals in their own way, which, being human, include some not so cute times. sigh... It makes me tired.

Ann(ie) said...

I have a boy and I like it that way b/c teenage girls scare me. It saddens me to think back on what I did to my poor mother. She's a saint.

Ann(ie) said...

You have beautiful kids, btw.

Orlando said...

I know what you mean? It seems like it was only yesterday that I was in the hospital watching Autumn being born. All these different and new emotions I was not familiar with...and we just passed her 6th birthday.

By the way, she's still asking about her Christmas present. lol

Pavel said...

annie: Don't worry, I'm sure your kids will get back at you for all that you did to your mom. (smile)

orly: Oh no!!! That girl is coming after for her present, isn't she! lol...