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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What I AM good at...

I'm good with computers. I just am. Some people are good with Math and others music. Some make millions by being a competent throwing a ball in a hoop. I just have a knack with computers and know how to make them work. What's best is that I really like them. I really like my job as a "computer fixer" as my kids call me.

What does this mean? Well, I'll tell you what it doesn't mean. People actually think that because I'm competent with computers that I can actually fix ANYTHING that runs with electricity. People ask me for help when their VCR's are blinking 12:00 12:00 12:00 and have been doing so since they bought it back in the 90's. Then there's the fax machine. Now that I can sort of understand, kind of.

Cell phones are another thing. My job does require that I configure the more fancy phones that sync up with Outlook and things like that, but I'm asked for help on ANY kind of cell phone. I honestly don't know how to make the alarm work on these things, or how to add a contact on EVERY kind of phone.

I've been asked for everything from a car radios to a toaster ovens and I can honestly say, if I keep this up, I'm might be useful around the house one day.

What are you good at?


Theresa said...

Well, I hope you haven't started looking like that picture, because that would be a drastic change. Now do you think you could help me recover my Firefox bookmarks? ;)

Chris H said...

I'm good at :
- breeding kids
- raising kids
- not killing kids
- staying sane around kids

get the drift? LOL
I can also paint, pot, knit, sew, bla bla bla.....
watch TV, read a book and scream at the kids ALL AT THE SAME TIME! I "multi-task".... I am awesome!

Chris H said...

WELL, you did ask!

G said...

I may have made it clear that I am also not good at computers. So let's see - that's math, computers...the list is growing.

I'm good at making people laugh, accessorizing, putting things together visually, decent at writing (I enjoy it anyway), and like Chris h above, raising, not killing and staying sane (on most days) around my kids :) Oh, I'm a good listener. Wow, you're opening up a whole Love Yourself movement here Pavel! :)

Ann(ie) said...

I have MASTERED multi-tasking. So much so that I wonder why others don't do 17 things at once!

Trish said...

I am good at cleaning up messes but that is about it.

I can also bake a mean loaf of bread, I guess that's something.

C said...

LOL! That photo is hilarious!

I'm good at:
-cooking & baking
-taking care of others
-traveling (LOL! Hey, some people are bad travelers!!)

BTW, can you come over? I've got a computer you can fix. Oh, can you fix CD players too????

Pavel said...

theresa: Yep, I like Firefox! About the picture, don't look pretty? (smile)

chris h: Hey, you are definitely good with kids if you've mastered not killing them. That's not the same as "not wanting" to kill them, is it?

You are awesome! Every time I read and I yell at my kids, I lose my place!

g: G, you are so good at writing and making people reflect, laugh, and just have a good time that I know without a doubt (even though we've never been in the same city together) that you must be a joy to have as a friend.
Oh, you think I should hang up a sign like Lucy from Charlie Brown and start a business?

annie: I am usually in awe of most women, especially moms because if you want to learn to multitask, just watch a mom.

trish: cleaning up messes? Hey, don't knock it! I would pay high dollar to have someone come to my place and help me clean up after my children have been here.

c: You always sound like a wonderful traveling companion in your blog, as well as a teacher that we all wish we had when we were in school. Keep up the great work!

Pinky said...

Hmmmm, not sure. I guess I'm good at:

-being a great mom
-being a good wife ( sometimes, I could do better)
-running my business

Um, I'm not real big on self appraisal, so I guess that's it! HUGS TO YOU!!!

Pavel said...

pinky: well, if you're not going to do it, then I know plenty of people would do it for you. You are the sweetest, kindest person, not to mention a wonderful artist!

I'm glad your business is going so well, but I'm not suprised.