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Thursday, January 31, 2008

PLEASE don't ask me any math questions!!!

I have NEVER been good at math. Honestly, I've tortured more math teachers during my educational career than probably any other student ever and I'm sure I've caused a few to take the early retirement package.

So what's this post about? Well, my kids are now attending public school and my oldest is pretty darn bright when it comes to math. He does pre-algebra and he's only 11. That beats me by a long shot; I think my first pre-algebra class was as a freshman in college and even then, I had some tutors to help me pass the class.

The moment I was dreading finally arrived last week when my smart buddy asked for help with his math homework. I thought I would take a look, just to see if I actually could help, but alas, no. I had no idea how to do the problem myself, much less help him with it. So what did I do? I looked at him calmly and said, "Go ask your mother."


Hilary said...

They're going to absolutely love you on parent-teacher night.

I love your sense of humour but I feel your pain. Both of my kids stuggle(d) through math because neither of their parents were any good at it.

If your son got marks for playful humour, he'd be first in his class. Thanks for the laugh. :)

Chris H said...

Very clever response mate. I too am hopeless at maths, I just thank god for calculators.... and a husband with a mind like one.

C said...

LOL! Oh, Pavel! You had me cracking up with this post!

I'm with you on this one though! Math has always been my weakest subject in school. There's a reason why I'm an English teacher! LOL!

Hubby and I have been married for 17 months and I already know that when we start a family and it's time for the kids to go to school, I'll be sending them to Hubby for math questions! LOL!

BarnGoddess said...

oh Pavel! this was cute. I completely understand, Math has NEVER been my strong subject either.....I used cheat sheets all thru high school. Shame in ME

Pavel said...

hilary: You're right, they'll know my kids didn't get their intelligence from Dad.

chris h: Lucky you! You have your hubby to back you up on the math. (smile)

c: hi C! It would seem I'm not alone with the math thing, huh? ROFL!!!

barngoddess: Cheat? In math? It never occurred to me! (cough)

Ann(ie) said...

Same here. My brother and I sucked at math. Our parents sucked at math. And THANKFULLY I married a guy who knows a thing or two about numbers. feh.

louann said...

LOL! I would have had a panica ttack =)

Theresa said...

Those answers are really funny, but somehow I don't think that would go over too well with the teacher. I wasn't bad at math but it used bore me to tears...actually it used to bore me to sleep. And all the math teachers I've had were incredibly dull, except my geometry teacher in high school, who actually made math fun.

HMBT said...

My kids have to go ask your father for math questions, if he wasn't around we'd all be counting with our fingers still.

susan said...

Smart move.

I always have to say "go ask your sister" Now how pathetic is that?

G said...

I just got a stomach ache looking at that. Luckily Tali is also a math whiz so perhaps we'll have to put our kids in touch to form their own support group :)

Karen MEG said...

Okay, was that his actual homework... your boy is too, too funny Pavel. You've got your hands full!
I think I'll be having the math the Asian math genes myself, mind you, circa 1970's as far as elementary school curriculum.
Ask your mother indeed LOL!

Pavel said...

annie: I'm glad you found someone to help you out with the numbers!

louann: I did have a panic attack! We'll have the next one together.

theresa: Maybe that was my problem; all my math teachers were extremely boring... no, it was me.

hmbt: lol... I think the only way I count to 20 is by taking off my shoes!

susan: actually, that was WAY funny!

G: rofl!!! Yeah, like "hi, name name is (fill in the blank) and my parents are mathematically challenged."

karen meg: Can I give him you email so he can ask YOU questions???

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