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Monday, January 21, 2008

Wait! Stop!!! Come Back!!!!

I am so sorry! I've been so busy for over a week that I forgot I even had a blog. Sheesh. They say the mind in old age is the first thing to go. But you know what brought me back? A while back, blogger friend Christ H. from "Diet Coke Rocks" had this blog entry where her hubby was throwing out ties he no longer wants. I jokingly write and say that I would love the Marvin the Martian tie (second picture, third from left) and so what does she do? She write and asks me for my address so that she could send me the tie! Now is that bloody COOL or what???

So What do I get in the mail on Saturday? The tie!!!

For some reason, I can't any pictures up today. Blogger just doesn't want to cooperate, but take my word for it. I have proof right here (in the form of one very cool tie) that Chris H is a very COOL person from the other side of the world. Thanks!!!

So what have I been doing that would make me forget I blog? Well, work, really, but I had all this additional work thrown my way, including a HUGE translation job from a court case that was several hundred pages long. It gave my brain quite a workout. I'd work on it till the late hours, burning the midnight petroleum and all that.

I will be posting tomorrow and hopefully, with pictures...

See everyone soon! I sure have missed you guys.

For some reason, it allows me to embed something so I want to show this. Has your cat ever done this to you? It made me laugh...


Casdok said...

Very cool! Ive also found Chris H to be realy thoughtful!

Chris H said...

Hee hee, nice to be mentioned! You are welcome mate! Wear the tie and enjoy!

G said...

First you said Christ H. which lead me to think of Jesus H. well you know the rest.

That's muy cool. Maybe I should start posting picture of things I'm looking to unload (I mean that in the nicest way).

Theresa said...

That is exactly why my cat sleeps in the kitchen, with the door closed. ;)

Rickey Henderson said...

A lolcat--truly the bread & circuses of blogging. Well done indeed. Rickey salutes you.

HMBT said...

I would wear that tie too! :)
Glad to see you back in blog world, I missed you! Hope all is going well in your world. {hug}

Pavel said...

casdok: She is, isn't she?

Chris: You rock! I will wear it. My kids saw it and thought it was "super awesome!"

g: Oops! lol!
Hey, it might work out better than a messy yard sale...

theresa: lol... Not a bad idea, either that or hide your baseball bats.

rickey: Thanks for visiting, mate. Oh, and for the salute too!

hmbt: Glad to be back. I missed you too, actually, not having had my daily dose of the inspirational words your blog has for us.

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