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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Of "Power Teams" and crazy park happenings...

You wouldn't believe how much fun I had today with the kids. Wednesdays are sort of crazy days. I have the kids from 5:15pm till 9:15pm and in that time, this is what we did.

First we went to Fazolli's and ate all the Italian/American food we could. Then we went to the park and the kids played until 6:45pm. My kids are physically incapable of using the playground the way it's supposed to be used.

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That was girlie girl. Little Buddy thought that was way too cool and so he did it as well:

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As an aside, you know how they say you shouldn't hit your kids? I found this and thought it was sort of funny, sort of not funny:

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Isn't that something? I thinks it's crazy how kids shoot each other for some dumb argument. When I was in school, if you had a problem with a guy, you waited until after school, beat the tar out of each other, and by the end of the week you were friends again.

But, I've digressed so back to today.

Do you want to see something entertainingly funny? Well, the little buddy is really a trip. He's the funniest little man you'll ever see. Watch what he did on the swing!

We then had to leave the park because my Church was having a special event and the kids were all excited about seeing this. The "Power Team" will be performing at 7pm.
These guys are world class athletes who break bricks, bend horse shoes, etc...
These guys are incredible, but even more, they are a Christian organization who use their talent to tell people about the Lord.

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The little buddy was especially impressed with the physical strength feats. Watch this:

After it was over, I took them back to their mom at 9:15 and I was sad to let them go. Divorce sucks.

I love those little guys to no end.


FelineFrisky said...

Your little guy is the sweetest I have ever seen! What a cutie!

Those athletes are something - all those bricks! they use their gift to bring people together, how wonderful.

Sorry you had to "give" them back, wish it were diffeerent for you.

I think of you often. Be wewll. D :)

Beth said...

Oh, yes, "divorce sucks."
But your love and your joy in your children shines through! You are such a wonderful Dad.

louann said...

I love the pictures. But am amazingly amused by the "Power Team." I think that's cool =)

Diesel said...

Man, I can't even go on the teacup ride at Disneyland. Just watching him twirl around like that makes me nauseous. Glad you're having so much fun though!

Pavel said...

ff: He brightens a room, that little guy.
Thanks, ff.

beth: Thank you. I do appreciate it.

louann: Those guys were insanely large!

diesel: I feel the same way about the teacup ride, let me tell you. I usually sit out on it.
We did have fun, Diesel, though it's not always fun and games. I just don't talk about those times when they're acting up. (smile)

Dan said...

if you had a problem with a guy, you waited until after school, beat the tar out of each other

Oh the memories! I remember those days. We'd pass it around "Billy and Frank are going to fight in the baseball field". Then all the kids would form a huge circle and watch them go at it. Better than heavyweight boxing!

Karen MEG said...

Pavel, your kids are so cute, real monkeys the way they handle that playground too LOL! LOVE the swing video - looked like he could have gone around a couple more times. Yeah, that poster is funny but not at the same time. A very sad comment on today's society - kids don't get to stay young long enough these days.
And yeah, those guys are absolutely MASSIVE!

Theresa said...

You kids are just such cuties! Of course they don't use the playground the way it's supposed to be used, that would be boring. ;) Oh, I remember doing that on the swing, was it ever fun! It sounds like you really enjoy being with your kids, you must be a great dad. It's too bad you can't be together all the time, but at least you make the most of your time together.

MyUtopia said...

What fun! It looks like the kids had a wonderful time.

* Check out big announcement on my blog.

BarnGoddess said...

there is that handsome little man!! what a great photo with that BLUE blue sky behind him. Big sis looks good too. Yep, your kids certainly know how to enjoy life!

guns-like you, I remember when a gun at school (to shoot people) was not even THOUGHT of.

When I just completed hunters safety (4thgrade)My grandfather used to pick my cousin Stevie and I up after school and take us deer hunting.

We both took our rifles to school and Sister Michalea kept them locked in her office until GrandPere arrived to pick us up, then she handed them over to him, guns and ammo. She was the principle.

Of course, this was back in the mid-70's and in VERY rural Northern MI

but still.......what is this world coming to? Sometimes I am afraid for my boys.

Pavel said...

dan: rofl!!! Thanks for the memories!

theresa: I really try to make the most of it; kind of like try to fix those four days I'm not with them into the three days I am with them. Fitting seven days into three makes you tired! (smile)

myutopia: I hope yo celebrate your mom's birthday in an awesome way!

barngoddess: You used to take your rifles to school AND go deer hunting?? I think I'm in love!

Trish said...

There is nothing quite like watching one's kids play. It always looks so fun I'd like to join them as well. I'd probably lose the extra pounds I've been carrying around too LOL.

But, but....Those big guys?


HMBT said...

Your kids are so cute and playful. You are a lucky man.
Divorce does suck.
You are rocking the whole Dad gig though...your kids are fantastic.

Dorky Dad said...

You know, I've never looked at a cinder block and thought "I wonder if I can break that with my head?"

Not that those guys did it. That was just the comment that popped into my head just now.

FelineFrisky said...

Ok, where are ya???

You ok? Miss your posts!

Hope all is well & just very busy.

See you soon. D :)

Pavel said...

hmbt: Those crazy kids! They'll drive me to drink! Seriously, it's all I can do to balance allowing them to have good ol' fun and worry about them from killing themselves.

trish: People ask me all the time, "how come you're so skinny when all you eat is pizza and pringles?" I say, "spend the weekend with my kids and you'll see."

dorky dad: That was random! (smile) Nothing wrong with random.

ff: Oh, I'm sorry! I wasn't exactly out of town or something but I've been working on a few things and haven't been able to post something new for a whole week! Sheesh... What are you going to do with me? I plan to post today, though.
Hope you're well!

G said...

Pavel, haven't your kids taught you - there is no "right" way to use the playground except to have fun. They seem to be masters at it. Adorable.

Ooh, I'm with Diesel on the whole teacup ride thing.

Pavel said...

g: You'd think I'd learn my lesson! "smile"
It's so good to see you around, g! I know you were off for a bit but you sure are missed when you're not around!