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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Had a good weekend?

I did! We had a good 'ol time in Tennessee!

We did a number of things which included going over to a friend's house and playing with their cute dog:

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I love little dogs that have attitude. This little puppy named Smoky acts like he's as big as a Pit Bull:

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Later on we went to Dollywood and to my surprise, it wasn't completely full like I thought it would be, because of the Labor Day weekend:

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Of course, you can't go there without going on one of those rides that will get you completely wet! Here we are waiting in line at the Water Raft ride:

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Now we're waiting for the ride to start.

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I had to put the camera away at that point and, man, did I get wet! Don't you hate walking around a park with wet underwear? I know I do...


Trish said...

Little dogs with attitude are fun aren't they? My grandmother had two dachshunds and they were a handful!!

I like the littel guy in the last picture with the Lion King t-shirt, he's all "uh oh...I think I changed my mind"

Beth said...

You should have saved that ride until the very end!
That little dog is a hoot.

C said...

Wowwweeeeeeee!!! Looks like you guys had a blast! Pavel, everyone should spend as much quality time chillin' out with their kids like you do! :)

PS. That frisbee is almost as big as that dog! LOL!

Sweet photos, Pavel! Adorable kiddies!

actonbell said...

Wonderful pics! Sounds like a riproaring good time:)

Meow Meow said...

Great pics. Looks like all involved had some fun...

Sorry about the wet undies...all in a days fun. I guess.

Pavel said...

Trish: They're the funniest dogs! He does look like that, huh? He actually was looking forward to getting wet, but he was just concentrating on his bubble gum. *smile*

beth: That, beth, is a very good idea!

c: Thing is, Christy, when I only have them three days a week, I want us to enjoy the time we have to the fullest.

actonbell: Yep! Of course, we had to stop at the candy shop near the exit of dollywood before leaving. Nothing like sugaring them up!

meow meow: wet undies are a part of the fun, yes. I just have to take beth's advice and just have wet undies for the ride home.

BarnGoddess said...

awww, now I miss our little Elvis dog even more :(

anyhow, the photos are great! your kiddos look like they are having a good time.

wet undies? were you wearing tightie whities? ouch

Diesel said...

Seriously, I hope your kids appreciate that your taking them to a water park or some nonsense every stinkin' week. I'm tired just looking at the pics.

Dorky Dad said...

You have like the luckiest kids on the planet. They are ALWAYS having fun.

Theresa said...

Looks like fun. I really like that statue of the kid, the dog, and the cat. With my kids it's usually just the kids chasing the cat. That's what we missed at Disneyland, one of those rides that gets you all wet, but since we had rain we did get wet. :)

Pavel said...

barngoddess: Oh, yes! I remember that cute little dog of your, Elvis. He had such great attitude. I'm sorry to bring up a sad moment for you, though.

diesel: They sure get to do more thans than I did as a child, that's for sure. Still, Diesel, I don't get to see them anywhere as much I'd like to (or should)and taking them out places sort of forces me to pay more attention to them. At home, all three want my attention at the same time and I can't do that. I sort of have to give each one attentioin in spurts.
I don't know. I suppose I DO do to many things with them...

dordy dad: Yeah, Diesel thinks so too. There's a reason for it, though I can't get into it in too much detail.

Theresa: Your kids chase the cat too? Mine do to and they usually end up getting scratched up a bit. That "is" a cool picture, huh? I was thinking of having an 8 x 10 made out of it and putting it in my living room. Darn kids; they grow so fast, your pictures look ancient after four months or so.
That's right, you went to Disney in Europe. How fun, even if you did get wet!