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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Holy Cow!

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Has it really been over 9 days since I've posted anything on my blog??? I have been slacking big time!

Well, to tell you the truth, it has been very busy and also a very frustrating week and the hard stuff had made it difficult to blog even when I did have a little time. There are some very difficult things going on right now and I can't talk about it, not yet anyways, but I am trying to provide a good and meaningful life to my kids when they're with me because they're going through a difficult time. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers, ok? Thanks.

Last weekend we went to Knoxville again and lucked out because there was this very cool event going on!

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It was part of this Bikerfest event and it was a lot of fun because there was an "overboard" competition, I think it was called. The kids sat around and waited patiently for the event to start:
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Of course, if you're going to be near water, you can't help but stick your feet in the water!
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Here is one of the competitors ready to go:
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So what did the competition look like when it finally started? Actually, it was very cool! A few guys did wipe out in the worst way, but lots of them actually did some very cool stunts in order to get more points. Here's one guy who made it.

Pretty cool, huh? Afterwards, we walked around and had the best frozen lemonades I've tasted in a long time. My girlie then saw something she loves to do, and that's climb a wall!

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So, as you can see, a gool time was had by all. That's it for now. See you folks in a bit when I go visit you after all these days while I was out.


HMBT said...

Sending you love and power of the present moment energy. Stay focused and true to yourself. Great photos!

Anonymous said...

I hate that there are difficult things going on in your are such a great dad, I can see it in your kids faces:)

Best wishes, thoughts and prayers.

Beth said...

Your kids - and you - are in my thoughts and prayers.
Take care.

tracey said...

Slacker! too. Your kids are just as adorable as ever. You'll be in my prayers!

BarnGoddess said...

Great photos as usual! You guys know how to have fun :)Rocki climbing is fun, your girl looks like a natural.

((hugs)) rough times suck.

I hope things get better asap. Y'all will be in my thoughts.

louann said...

Whatevere it is, I pray things get better soon.

Crashdummie said...

Procrastination! You are in good company.. awww, wicked pics, wish I was there, where ever there is… *sigh*

Theresa said...

I hope the difficult times will be over soon. At least your kids look like they enjoyed themselves over the weekend. :)

Pavel said...

hmbt: Thanks! I'm working on it and hopefully things will get better soon.

Trish: I appreciate that! I'm trying to make sure they have an enjoyable time when they're with me to help them through this tough time.

beth: I appreciate it, Beth. Hope you're well.

Tracey: Thank you! I trust the Lord and know that he knows what's best.
You're rick about the Slacker part, though. I gotta get in gear!

barngoddess: She's got those long legs and long arms to help her reach the next part, I suppose.
Thanks for the hugs!

Louann: Me too! Thank you...

Crashdummie: The events were in Knoxville at the World's Fair Park. Cool place! I'm glad I'm not alone in procrastinating.

Theresa: Yeah, they did. Hopefully, soon things will improve. Thanks!

Karen MEG said...

You do such great things with your kids - such fun! It's so obvious how close they are to you.
Hope things get better for you soon Pavel. Thinking about you...

Crashdummie said...

yeah? well, if I ever make it to the US I'll make sure to swoosh by.. if nothing else to cool of my feet in the fountain ;)