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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Happy Birthday, Little Buddy!

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You turned seven yesterday, my little buddy, and I simply cannot believe what an impact you have had on my life, and everyone else's, for that matter. You are so special and mean so much to me that when you leave my side, I instantly miss you and wonder what you're up to, hoping that you're having fun and enjoying life and learning from everything around you.

Know, little buddy, that your daddy will always be there, no matter what, to celebrate your birthdays, to make sure you're okay and to show you things, and to play with you and love you.



I have a friend who owns a boat and he was kind enough to invite me and the children over so that we could celebrate little buddy's birthday and it was so much fun! First, there was jumping off the dock into the lake:

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Of course, you HAVE to push a friend into the lake with you or it wouldn't be any fun:

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Then there was a VERY BIG EVENT for him; catching his very first fish! He was so proud of this that people watching had tears in their eyes.

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Finally, it was birthday cake time with the friends:

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My goal was that he have a memorable and fun seventh birthday and swimming in the lake with his friends was fun (he told me so) and catching his first fish was very memorable, at least for all of us watching him, but had you seen his excited face and his little voice yelling out for all to hear of his wonderful feat, you'd have to believe he'll remember that as well.


HMBT said...

Happy Birthday Little Buddy! Looks like you had some kinda fun! :)

FelineFrisky said...

Oh, Pavel - what special memories for you! Simply precious!

How wonderful of your friend to invite you & the birthday crowd over to the lake!

The amazement & pride on his face with the fish! LOL

You are an amazing Dad! I am SOO proud for you! D :)

Pavel said...

hmbt: He's so proud of his fish! He's still talking about it...

ff: You would have thought he had singlehandedly captured a whale! I won't forget, that's for sure!

neva said...

OH. MY GAWD. isn't he just about the cutest little boy, ever?? don't answer -- i already know what you're going to say!

what a lovely tribute -- and what a fun way to spend his birthday. something tells me it was memorable for you all!

Happy Happy Joy Joy to you and your beautiful children, my friend. xox

G said...

Happiest of Birthdays to your adorable little guy! Looks like it was a special time. And the story about the fish is priceless.

Boy, I'd like to be there jumping off the dock too!

Pavel said...

Neva: The little guy, well, it doesn't matter what I say because it's going to sound baised. Let's just say you'd fall in love with him after about 10 minutes.

I must sound REALLY anoying when I talk about my children. Sorry...

G: I can just imagine the great G, cannonballing off the dock and splashing everyone! Then your little man and his big sister can have fishing competitions with my little man and HIS big sister. My biggest boy tried to catch fish but was unsuccessful!

It was fun!

Chrissy121875 said...

Ohhhhhhhh! That is so sweet! How adorable is that boy of yours!?!! Your kids will always remember these special moments you've helped them create. I just know that when your son grows up and has kids of his own, he'll look back and tell them about how you took him on a boat and how he had the coolest 7th birthday ever!!